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Muscle Building Tips for Dads: How to Look, Feel, and Perform Better

This morning I tweeted 4 simple tips for dads to increase muscle mass: slow eccentrics, progressive overload, creatine + carbs, and most importantly, blasting Creed while you lift.

I don't care what you say... anecdotal evidence shows that Creed increases gainz: "Can you take me higher?!"

Muscle mass is indicative of longevity and even more so, handsomeness. Dads, I think we have a responsibility to be strong for our families. There are literally zero downsides to getting strong and muscular.

More muscle and a higher strength level will lead to more usefulness to our families, you will be more attractive to your wife, and you will be able to throw your kids higher at the pool. Worse come to worse and your wife or kids get hurt, you can pick them up and carry them. You can sprint and get to them first if they need you. Stay ready.

Speaking of staying ready, check out my article from last week: 10 Physical Feats Every Man Should Strive to Achieve

Convinced it's time to muscle up? Here are 3 proven strategies to increase muscle mass and overall physical prowess:

1: Slow eccentrics: Your specific goal does come into play in regards to tempo but if size is the prize, you must consider a slow tempo on the descent of each rep. However, I want a bit of it all, both to look better and to perform better.

Muscle growth happens due to micro tears in the muscle fibers when you train and then the "healing process" eventually results in muscle hypertrophy. You must be fueling properly as well (more on that later).

I think this is the ultimate tempo for each rep: controlled descent, pause in the stretched position, explode up, and then immediately back into a slow descent. With this tempo, you get the muscle breakdown from the descent and gain strength/ power from the explosive concentric (push or pull up).

Start focusing on each rep like this. Don't just go through the motions.

2: Progressive Overload: I talk about this a lot, so I will keep this section brief. You can't do the same weight and rep schemes week after week, year after year, and expect to continue seeing results.

You must gradually add reps and/ or weight to your sets in order to get stronger and gain muscle mass. For instance, if last week on squats you did 225 for 5 reps on your final set, this week you need to increase to 230 lbs or add reps.

This is simple, fun, and motivating. Who doesn't enjoy getting stronger and reaping the rewards that come along with that? Keep track in a notebook or in the notes on your phone. I probably know my 1RM on 30 different lifts. There are opportunities everywhere to improve.

Keep adding weight to the bar and reps to your sets. Small, incremental progress is what you should aim for.

Sign up for a free 7-day trial of my Gym Gainz Guide today for guidance with your workouts. A new 4-week phase begins on Monday 2/26/24.

3: Creatine + Carbs: There is no greater postworkout option than creatine monohydrate and carbs if you are looking to increase muscle mass and strength.

Important to note, most of the research is on creatine monohydrate. The other forms have not proven themselves as of yet.

When combined with strength training, creatine has been shown to:

  • Enhance strength

  • aid in muscle hypertrophy (growth)

  • improve quality of speed training

  • positive effects on power, daily living performance and neurological function

Obviously, a high protein diet is essential but if I had to choose immediately following a workout, I would choose creatine + carbs.

My go to postworkout shake: 1 scoop SFH Strong (creatine monohydrate) + 1 scoop of gatorade + 1 scoop of vanilla SFH Pure Whey

You can use "BENBARKER10" for 10% off SFH products (yes, I am affiliated but they are the best).

You can maximize muscle mass and athletic performance simultaneously. Adding more muscle mass will help you live longer and fuller, burn more calories at rest, and look better in a suit or t-shirt.

Focus on proper tempo with each rep, gradually add weight over time, and dial in the postworkout shake. Do this consistently for years and you will become an absolute unit.

In Strength,

Ben AKA The Neighborhood Alpha Dad

To learn more about me check out my "About Me" page.

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