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Let's Get Physical!

I am Ben Barker Fitness

I really hope you read the top header like the song, "Let's get physical, physical. I wanna get physical, physical."

I hope to inspire you in two ways:

1: To chase your fitness goals

2: To chase your dreams

Chase Your Fitness Goals

I was always a super skinny kid. I wanted nothing more than to be "big and strong." Once I started lifting weights, I became strong... I am still waiting on getting big. Any time I post a lifting video on social media people will comment something like, "Wow, you're really strong... for a little guy."

Here's what makes the fitness journey interesting... there is always room for improvement. This can either be seen as discouraging or encouraging. To me, it is motivating. Think about it, as long as we keep showing up, we can continue to see improvements!

I also get trolled a lot from people saying it "must be nice to have abs" or "it's easy when you're skinny" but they don't think about the countless hours I have put in at the gym or that I have put on 20 lbs of lean muscle through hard work and dedication.

Good things take time and hard work. That's why I launched this website. I get asked to write a lot of programs for people all the time and I didn't think I could help everyone. Then I had the idea to launch my workout subscription.

My workout subscription is my way of trying to help as many people as possible. One epic, effective workout program to help people lose fat, gain lean muscle, and crush their fitness goals. I write these workouts daily, they're a great creative outlet for me, and I truly believe my program can help a lot of people.

I see a lot of people wandering around aimlessly in the gym or doing random exercises they've seen online with no real structure. My daily workout plan gives you guidance and direction in the gym, so you don't waste time and are able to crush your goals!

Chase Your Dreams

I also hope to inspire you to chase your dreams.

In October of 2021, I was working a great job managing a fitness studio. I liked my boss, I liked the community but I was daydreaming of something more!

Pair that with working evenings and weekends, it was not the ideal job for a guy with a family. Honestly, for years I had dreamed about venturing off on my own but as the sole income for our family, I just couldn't justify taking that risk.

I had just hired a new coach at the gym, in order to lighten my coaching hours. I really needed him. I had issues with new coaches "not being able to make it" to class and then I would have to go cover their class on my night off. 

The new guy had called in twice but I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. It was a Tuesday night and I finally had an evening off with my family and then I see the text, "Hey Ben. Not gonna be able to coach tonight." 30 minutes before the start of class. First, I had to let him go.

Second, I had to go cover those classes. That night when I got home from work, I went to my wife, Kimi, and said, "I am going to resign." After the initial shock, she said, "Let's do this thing!"

The next morning I handed in my notice and began helping find my replacement.

I had no plan but just a dream to build an awesome life for my family, get more time with my wife and kids, and to create a career that I enjoy!

hadn't been making much money, so surely it wouldn't be hard to replace that income online, especially with the following I had built on TikTok, Instagram, etc...

This is probably the part of the story where you would expect me to tell you that I doubled my income and am living the dream after quitting my job. I will tell you this: I am still chasing the dream and loving every minute of it. 

I have accomplished my goal of "time freedom" and getting more time with my family! That was honestly number 1! But I am still chasing my financial goals.

I have made so many mistakes and I was naive to think I could just quit my job, leverage my social media following, and create a lucrative career in fitness. It has been a far greater challenge than I ever imagined but I have gained a better education on this journey than I did in 5 years of college. 

If you find yourself in a place where you are not content and wanting more for your family, you can make it happen! I don't suggest just quitting your job like I did. Maybe prep a little bit first. But there is more out there for each of us that are bold enough to chase it!

I am still writing my story but am confident that I will write an epic conclusion where I accomplish everything I set out to do! Stay tuned.

I wrote 30 blogs posts in 30 days as a challenge recently. Topics range from exercise tutorials to post-workout nutrition to motivation. Check them out on my blog under the tab "Free Fitness Articles."

Sign up for my FREE 7-Day Workout Trial here and in the welcome email you will receive 3 Ebooks: my 31-Day Core Strength Challenge, my 4-Week Bodyweight Workout Program, and my guide to tracking results with a scale!

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