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10 Physical Feats Every Man Should Strive to Achieve

Alpha Dads and Future Alpha Dads, in a world that often settles for mediocrity, I urge you to rise above the ordinary and pursue greatness in every aspect of your life.

Let's dive into a list of 10 physical feats that embody strength, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Here's the Challenge:

10 Full ROM, Overhand, Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

50 Full ROM, Strict Push-Ups

Sprint 100m All Out, Injury Free

Carry wife over the threshold

Squat 2x Bodyweight

Overhead Press 1x Bodyweight

Bench Press 1.5x Bodyweight

Deadlift 2.5x Bodyweight

Broad Jump Your Height + 2 Feet

Run a Respectable 5k

Disclaimer: The bar must be set somewhere. I'd rather set it a bit high, versus aiming low and easily achieving the mark.

1. Master 10+ Full Range of Motion, Strict Pull-Ups

Pull-ups aren't just an exercise; they're demonstrations of raw power and control. Aim for strict form— overhand grip, full extension at the bottom, and chest to the bar the bar at the top.

Some may say 10 isn't enough but watch most people at the gym, swinging around, and using 1/2 the range of motion.

Complete 10 legit reps and you're among the few and the proud.

2. Conquering 50 Legitimate Full Range of Motion Push-Ups

Perform push-ups the correct way and they're tests of endurance and discipline. Embrace the challenge of going all the way down and pushing all the way up—no shortcuts.

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they do push-ups.

Aim for 50 clean reps unbroken.

3. Sprinting 100 Meters Without Injury

Never stop being an athlete; sprinting is a mark of readiness for life's unexpected challenges. Train to sprint without hesitation or fear of injury—it's about being prepared for anything.

Running sprints is easily one of the best ways to increase muscle, aid in fat loss, and maintain/ improve explosiveness.

If one of your kids gets hurt, will you be the first person to get there?

4. Carrying Your Wife Over the Threshold

Beyond the romantic gesture lies a symbol of practical strength and unwavering support for your loved ones. Train to lift and carry your partner with ease and confidence.

Guarantee your wife likes to feel light as a feather when you pick her up. Don't be straining.

5. Squatting 2x Your Body Weight

The squat is a testament to lower body strength and resilience. Strive to lift twice your body weight—a challenge that builds character.... and quads, glutes, and hammies.

Don't be skipping leg day. The most muscle in the body is located in the legs. More muscle leads to more testosterone and less body fat. Win-win.

6. Overhead Press 1x Your Body Weight

The overhead press demands shoulder strength, core stability and mental fortitude. Push yourself to press your body weight overhead with control and confidence.

To strict press your bodyweight is an absolute flex. This might be the toughest on the list. Hit the exercise heavy at least once per week. I like Wendler's 5/3/1 for this lift.

If you need guidance in the gym, start a free 7-Day Trial to my Gym Gainz Guide today. It is a simple daily script to take the guesswork out of your workouts,

7. Bench Pressing 1.5x Your Body Weight

Is the bench press a functional lift? Maybe not. Is this a vanity metric to simply flex on other dads? 100% yes. Aim to bench press 1.5 times your body weight to establish yourself as the strongest dad in the school pick up line.

A strong overhead press will aid your bench press. Strong triceps will supplement both and help you better fill out your sleeves. Don't skimp on ring dips, skull crushers, and heavy triceps push-downs.

8. Deadlifting 2.5x Your Body Weight

The deadlift is all about raw strength, plus developing a strong posterior chain. Strive to deadlift 2.5 times your body weight with proper form and technique.

Some people say they can't deadlift because it hurts their back. But maybe their back is weak because they neglect deadlifts. Weak things break.

9. Broad Jumping Your Height Plus Two Feet

The broad jump is a measure of athleticism and a demonstration of explosive power. Aim to leap your height plus two feet, demonstrating the fact that you are a supple leopard.

Just like sprinting this is a great way to work on maintaining athleticism as we age. I like doing these on grass for less impact.

10. Completing a Respectable 5K Run

I'll be honest, I didn't put a specific time here because I believe this is the least important of the 10. However, being strong alone doesn't help anyone. On the flip side, having endurance but being weak is even worse.

Aim to be well-rounded and altogether fit. Strong, agile, explosive, and mobile, all with a strong aerobic base.

Sub 24 minutes would be a solid number to hit.

This list is a tall order. This ultimate intention is to spur you on to be your personal best. Can't do all 10? That okay. Can't do a single one? That's fine as well.

Aim to beat you from yesterday. Continually improve. Lift up those around you.


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