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I Love it When a Plan Comes Together (Fitness Edition)

The show "The A-Team" aired before I was born but I always loved it. Anytime the team made some sketchy/ daring plans but ultimately the outcome turned out okay the A-Team's leader, Hannibal, would say, "I love it when a plan comes together."

This is the follow up to my previous article, "Just Start." Just like the A-Team, sometimes you just have to take action. Doing nothing will get you... nothing. Some people plan for years, come up with an amazing plan, yet they fail to ever actually act upon the plan.

This is where we find the happy medium. As much as I love my "just start" motto, a plan is necessary.

Step 1: Write your goal down

Based on my quick google search, an unconfirmed source stated that one is 42% more likely to accomplish their goal if you write it down. So, go ahead. Write it down: a fitness goal, professional goal, relationship goal, etc.

Step 2: Make a plan

I think this is where some people get hung up. Don't be that person. You can literally find out how to do anything on google and YouTube. Don't use your lack of knowledge in an area as an excuse. Give yourself 48-72 hours to formulate a simple plan. I love the "KISS" acronym: Keep It Simple Silly. It really says "Stupid" at the end but I teach my kids to say silly instead so I am trying to set a good example. Figure out what the basics are in your area of interest and start there.

Step 3: Take Action

This is the kicker. Take action. As I stated in my previous article, acting on a simple plan is better than doing nothing with a great plan. When you formulated your simple plan, you researched the basics in your area of interest. Master those. In January everyone goes all or nothing on their fitness goals and by March most are literally doing nothing.

Step 4: Be consistent

But someone, let's call him Bob, decides to walk 10 minutes a day and watch his calories. That's it. That was Bob's plan. It's not a very good plan. But Bob sticks to his plan. 6 weeks in he start feeling good about himself. He hasn't been perfect but he's been consistent. Bob decides to add in 2 bodyweight workouts per week. He does that for 6 more weeks on top of his walks and keeping an eye on calories. All of the sudden Bob starts getting asked if he has lost weight and how he is seeing results. His confidence is boosted and he starts looking forward to exercising.

Bob's plan wasn't great but he took action. Bob will see far better results than most people who overcommitted and quit. He most certainly will see better results than someone who was crippled by making the "perfect plan" and never acted at all!

Whether your goal is losing weight, getting stronger, saving your marriage, starting a business, etc... Write your goal down. Make a simple plan. Take action. Stay consistent.

You don't have to have it all figured out when you start. Take a page from Hannibal's book. Take action and let the plan come together as you go. You will love it when a plan comes together.


Ben "Going for it" Barker

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