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Just Start.

There is a time to plan but at some point we have to quit talking and just go for it.

"Eyes closed, head first, can't lose." -Jake Peralta

All kidding aside, "just starting" applies to just about everything in life. You want to be a better spouse? Just start. You need to clean out your garage? Just start. You have been planning on getting serious about your fitness but haven't stayed consistent? JUST START!

I think a lot of the time we get "paralysis by analysis." Listen... planning is great and needed. But a lot of million dollar ideas are buried 6 feet under because someone planned and planned but never took action. Don't be scared to fail. I truly believe a poor plan that you act upon is better than an excellent plan that just sits on the shelf doing nothing.

For example, in January, everyone plans to workout 6 days per week and follow a strict diet consistently. Honestly, that's a "great" plan. This usually lasts 6-8 weeks and then they quit. Let's say someone else just decided to workout 2 days per week and just cut out soda. It's an okay plan but if they stick with it they will see better results than the person with the great plan not executing.

This is why I am launching my website. I have been procrastinating because "it's not ready," "what if no one likes it?" "the market is too saturated." Blah, blah, blah. I just decided to execute. It's not going to be perfect but I will get better as I go.

What have you been putting on the back burner? What is holding you back from accomplishing your goals?

I quit an awesome job at the end of 2021 to pursue my goal of creating a fitness empire and getting more time with my wife and children. (I wouldn't necessarily suggest this lol.) I just decided what I wanted and went for it. I might fail but I am not going to look back when I'm 80 and think "what if?"

Take action. Be kind. Get fit. And don't forget there is probably some laundry in the drier that you need to fold.



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