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Fit Dad Summer: Crush Fitness Goals and Make Dads Fit Again!

Memorial Day is less than 2 months away and the official start of summer is less than 3 months from now. That means beach, lake, and pool season. Make sure you are the fittest dad there.

Somewhere in the late 90s or early 2000s, Hollywood started portraying TV dads as fat, lazy, and clueless. Somewhere along the line, this started seeping into society.

Dads... you are meant to be strong. Your kids should believe that you are the strongest man on the planet. You should have the energy to play, wrestle, and run with your children.

They should have to earn the first time they defeat you in anything. Teach them that fitness is part of a normal lifestyle and that fast food, coke, and chips are a fun thing that happens once in a blue moon, not part of our normal diet.

Why is it important for dads to be fit and strong?

For starters, you will be judged at the pool by how high you can throw your children in the air. Plus, there is a direct correlation between how much fun the kids have and how involved you are.

We get one life here on Earth. I am just telling you, it is more fun when you are fit, capable, strong, and energetic. When I hear men in their 30s and 40s talking about being "past their prime" it infuriates me. I see too many guys still crushing it in their 60s+.

You just have to make the choice: do you want a life of comfort or a life of physical excellence? Set the standard for your family.

Make Dads Jacked Again

Muscle mass is indicative of longevity. I feel like that should be enough right there. Live longer, live fuller and then be that fit grandpa who is still able to get on the floor with grandkids.

Culture used to be more active and men did manual labor, which kept them in shape and they garnered a set of forearms that would make Popeye proud.

Now men sit at desks and this can lead to becoming skinny-fat. This is not our best. You will feel better, look better, and perform better when you pack on some muscle mass. I don't care what your wife says... she will like the extra muscle mass and deep down you know it.

For the record, nothing wrong with a desk job but we must make time to train in order to remain strong and nimble.

I hear and understand all of the struggles and obstacles: "My back hurts," "I'm too tired," etc... Your back probably hurts because it's weak and lacks mobility. I know it seems counterintuitive but when you train and get in shape, you will have more energy.

Start small by lifting weights 3 times per week, hydrating, and increasing your protein intake.

Grab a free 7-day trial to my daily workout plan and get started today!

Involve Your Family in Your Workouts

This is one of the ultimate life hacks! Make fitness, wellness, and outdoor activities part of your family's lifestyle. None of us will lie on our deathbeds and wish we had watched more Netflix.

Get some basic workout equipment for the house. Let your kids sit on your back while you do push-ups. Make family walks a weekly outing.

Sitting at a desk all day will wreck your children's mobility and posture. Every night before bed I have my kids do a cobra stretch and hamstring stretch to combat this.

Both adults and kids spend countless hours each day staring at phones and tablets. The superman exercise is an awesome way to strengthen backs, glutes, and necks while improving posture. I have my kids do the Superman exercise 3-4 times per week for 60-90 seconds.

In short, make fitness fun but also just something that we do. Make exercise like brushing their teeth. We don't always want to... but we need to and it will always pay off.

Again, dads, lead by example. You'll be surprised by how much your behavior affects theirs.

Outdoor Workouts to Get Jacked and Tan

I am full of life hacks today. Outdoor workouts are no exception. This is a great way to get outdoors, get some vitamin D, and get the whole family involved in a workout.

Most importantly, get jacked and TAN!!! Okay, family is first... but that's a close second.

At least once per week, my wife and kids come with me to the track, a field, or a hill, where I run sprints. We do not force the kids to workout with us. We set them up in the shade with water, a snack, bubbles, and a toy.

It never fails, they end up jumping in some of the workout with us. The kids will want to race me or they will do some lunges with my wife. It is just part of what we do.

I will say this... your kids may complain at first. My kids did. But here's the beauty: You're in charge. They're not. Lead them with love and gently encourage them to join when the time is right.

Bonus pro tip: Get a sled for sled drags and the kids will love to ride it, while you workout. More resistance for you and memories for all.

Second bonus tip: Farmers Carries are another epic outdoor workout. Build the grip, core, and posture simultaneously. Bring some small DBs for the kids as this is a great basic exercise they can join in on.

Overcoming Obstacles and Winning the Fight Against the "Dad Bod"

I fully understand that being a dad, mom, and parent is TOUGH. Time is short. Stress is high.

It is amazing how a simple, daily habit of exercise can create more time and more energy. There will never be enough time, you have to make time. Most days you won't feel like it, you have to fight lack of motivation and show up anyway.

You will never regret getting stronger. You will never regret giving your kids someone to look up to.

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." -Arthur Ashe

What are you going to do today to get closer to your goals?!


My "Leaner and Stronger" ebook is a 4-week workout plan and is a great place to get started with workouts.

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