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Become a Jacked Dad by Stacking Days (1 week workout plan)

Ever get frustrated with your fitness journey? Have you given up and started over multiple times? Not seeing results as quickly as you would like?

We have to talk about perspective. The fitness industry has ruined reality for everyone by advertising 30-day shreds, 15-day detoxes, quick fixes, and a bunch of other garbage.

It's called a fitness "journey" for a reason... Journey... that implies that we are in this for the long haul.

This is where we reframe our thinking and relationship with fitness and building a healthy lifestyle. If you do a "30 day shred" and lose 15 lbs. Fantastic... but then if you take your foot off the gas and go back to your normal lifestyle you will gain it back and then some.

What if instead, we realized that this is forever? Working out and eating for performance is a lifestyle choice and will allow you to live a fuller life into your 70s and 80s. Rather than yoyo dieting and being weak until we die of chronic disease.

Stick around for a full week of workouts below.

For some extra reading, check out my article from last week, "7 Easy Tips to Stay on Track with Your Health Goals on Weekends."

Enter stacking days and compound interest.

In Ed Mylett's book "The Power of One More," he talks of how his dad struggled with alcoholism. He tried and failed multiple times. After being sober successfully for a time, Ed asked his dad if he thought he would be able to stay sober forever.

Ed's dad replied, "I don't know. But I do know that I will stay sober for at least one more day."

He stayed sober forever after that. He took it one day at a time, stacked days, and let compounding interest do its thing! What a powerful story!

Here's the moral of the story. Every day that you choose to workout and eat wisely adds up over time. One day doesn't seem like much... but what about when you stack 50 of them, 100, 365.

This is where the magic of compounding interest takes place and results start to skyrocket! Keep stacking days!

No more quick fixes. Learn to love the process and make health and wellness your lifestyle rather than a quick challenge. Focus on getting strong.

Focus on drinking more water. Focus on more protein, veggies, complex carbs, and healthy fats. Get outside more. Do these things over and over and over again.

"Ben, that's boring!" Bologna. Being strong, fit, confident, and energetic never gets old. It's never too late to start and I'm here to help!

Grab a free 7-day trial to my daily workout subscription here if you need some direction with the gym or home/ travel workouts!

As promised, 1 week's worth of workouts:


Back Squat 3x15

*add weight each set, record weight 

3 sets:

12 Front Rack Reverse Deficit Lunges

8 DB Single Leg RDL each leg


3 Rounds for Quality:

12 DB Front Squats

14 DB Step-Ups

16 Hanging Leg Raise 

3 sets:

12-15 Kneeling Leg Extension

15 MB Hamstring Curls 

12 Standing Calf Raises 


DB Incline Bench Press 3x12 

*add weight each set, record weight 

3 sets:10 DB Pull-Overs 

Max Rep Strict Pull-Ups 

3 sets:12 DB Z Press12 Barbell Reverse Grip Bent Row 

3 sets:12 DB Lateral Raises 

12 HEAVY Shrugs 

3 sets::40 sec DB Hammer Curls 

:40 sec DB Overhead Triceps Ext 


5 sets:

3 Tempo Pause Front Squats

5 Squat Jumps

*3 sec down, 2 sec pause

*directly from front squat into BW squat jump 

3 Sets:

5 Deadstop Deadlifts

15 Heavy Russian KBS 

*control descent on deadlift 

*directly from deadlfit into KBS 

3 sets:

15 Leg Extensions

10 Heel Elevated Terror Squats (10/ side) 

*on the final set of leg extensions do max Reps 

3 sets:

15 DB Hamstring Curls

10 Sumo Stance Good Mornings

*on the final set of leg curls do max reps 

40 Seated Calf Raise 

*pause at top and bottom 

*control descent 


5 sets:

3 tempo Bench Press

5 Pendlay Rows

*3 sec descent on bench, explode up 

3 sets:

10 DB Bent Lateral Raises

5 weighted Chin-Ups 

*control descent on chins 

3 sets:

10 Lu Raises

10 Barbell Push Press

*straight from lu raise into push press 

3 sets:

10 DB Incline Biceps Curls

10 DB Incline Skull Crushers

*on the final set of each do 2-3 drop sets 

In Strength,

Ben AKA The Neighborhood Alpha Dad

For more on my story check out my "about me" page here!

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