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How to Win the Weekend (Fitness Edition)

We have all heard the saying, "Don't let your weekend become your weak end."

This couldn't be more true.

During the week: calories are on point, getting in those veggies, staying hydrated, working out, etc...

Then the weekend happens and we come off the rails: diet goes out the window, we get dehydrated, we take in a SURPLUS of calories, extra alcohol, etc.

You can easily undo 5 days of hard work in a short Saturday and Sunday.

However, take heart! There are some easy steps you can take in order to still have a great time each weekend and still accomplish your goals! Also, check out my daily workout Subscription!

  1. HYDRATE. I can't emphasize this one enough... and no, beer and wine do not count. Sorry haha. Staying hydrated improves sleep, helps our organs function, and can even help us feel full, so we don't over eat!

  2. Workout on Saturday. This doesn't have to be a killer workout like on a weekday but setting aside time to sweat on the weekend reminds us of our goals, gets all the good endorphins kickings, burns some calories, builds muscles, etc! I like to save a workout I enjoy for Saturday. You could also walk, do yoga, hike, play basketball, or anything that gets you moving.

  3. Prioritize protein and veggies early in the day. If you plan to splurge in the evening focus on getting lots of lean protein and high fiber/ nutrient dense veggies for breakfast and lunch. This saves calories, is nutrient dense, and helps keep you full, so you don't overeat later. And vice versa, if you are going out for an epic breakfast, plan a healthy lunch and dinner.

  4. Get some sunlight. Even better combine your workout + sunlight and kill two birds with one stone. Sunlight is a great way to get vitamin D which boosts immunity, improves mood, and reduces inflammation.

  5. Use the 80/20 rule. Be responsible the majority of the weekend and then allow yourself to live a little! I LOVE burgers, pizza, cheese dip, etc. You better believe I enjoy them regularly. Have a plan in order to allow yourself those things and to still achieve your goals.

  6. Stretch on Sunday. I like to do a little yoga/ stretching on Sunday. I'm usually more sedentary on weekends and like to do some mobility to prepare my body for Monday's workout!

  7. Give yourself some grace! No one is perfect. Coming off the rails an entire weekend doesn't set you back much. Brush yourself off and get back on track the next meal and workout! (Coming off the rails every single weekend is what gets you lol)

Happy Weekending,


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