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Discipline is Greater than Motivation

My first article back after a little rest from my 30 articles for 30 days! I actually did 31 days because "Do Extra!!!" (Day 31 article link here)

Discipline is such a trendy topic right now on social media especially in the fitness space. Honestly, most of the content is spot on. Motivation is great. Motivation gets you going to start your fitness journey in January... but what happens when motivation fades? Usually people quit.

When things get hard or you don't get the outcomes you were looking for you probably think, "this isn't for me" or "maybe next year." Bologna.

Whatever your goal may be and while motivation is still strong, set yourself up for success. Make the steps to success like habits and write them into your schedule. Those habits need to become like brushing your teeth. It's not really something that you have to set a timer or reminder for... you just do it.

If your goal involves the gym, make that part of your day. While you are still feeling motivated put it at a time of day with the least amount of obstacles and get in the habit of going regularly.

When motivation fades... this is the best/ worst advice ever... show up. Hear me out: I haven't "wanted" to go to the gym in a long time but I keep showing up. The more times that you fight through apathy, just show up, and get the job done the easier it becomes to continue doing so.

If the first day you don't feel like going to the gym you skip, that is your new habit... skipping.

If the first day you don't feel like going to the gym you show up, that will become your habit. Keep showing up when you don't feel like it, it eventually just becomes second nature and you'll never stop.

Make yourself show up for your goals. No one else can.


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