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The Ultimate Fit Dad Father's Day Gift Guide

My wife always says I am difficult to shop for and my mom says the same of my dad. So, I am here to help and make gift-giving to the fit dad in your life easy.

Hear me out, let's normalize giving guys stuff they will actually use. Get practical. I'm talking protein, running socks, and beef jerky. Wrap up a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans and a set of dumbbells.

Give the gift of performance and style with my carefully curated list of Father's Day gifts for fit dads. From top-quality protein powder to battle-tested workout clothes and recovery tools, I have something for every active dad.

*I do receive commissions if you purchase some of these products.

Fueling Performance

I use protein and creatine daily. I use whey protein post-workout, in recipes, and mix it with Greek yogurt every night before bed. This is a no-brainer especially if the fit dad in your life trains regularly or has big plans to step it up over the summer.

Pro Tip: Diet should be built around whole foods. However, whey protein is a great addition to a well-rounded diet and makes hitting one's daily protein goal much easier. PS Whey protein is digested and absorbed quickly, enhancing gainz.

My go to:

Keep Dad Caffeinated

This is of utmost importance. I really value good coffee. I drink coffee twice daily. I am a better husband and father when I am caffeinated.

Don't run to the grocery store and get something stale off the shelf. Order some freshly roasted coffee that is the gift that keeps giving.

Pro Tip: Invest in a coffee grinder, goosneck kettle, and pour-over dripper to take coffee to the next level. I love Fellow Products. (No affiliation).

My go to:

Caffeine and Kilos. Their coffee of the month club is epic. Use "BENBARKER" for a discount.

*Pro Tip: My Alpha Dad Challenge is live right now. Sign up the fit dad in your life to get my 8-week training program and limited edition t-shirt from caffeine & kilos. Click here to sign him up.

Workout Essentials

I like clothes that I can both exercise in and wear casually out and about. If the fit dad in your life is still working out in cotton or baggy basketball shorts, give him an upgrade. The fitness clothing options are insanely good now.

Just to get this out there... the 5" inch inseam short is where it's at now. We don't train legs just to hide those sweet quads away. Invest in some legit workout shorts, joggers, and moisture-wicking/ anti-stink shirts.

My go to:

Barbell Apparel Ranger and Maverick Shorts, 2.0 Jeans, and ultralight phantom tank.

Some Barbell Apparel gear picture here:

Garage Gym Gainz MUST HAVE

Does the fit dad in your life want to start packing on some muscle in the garage or basement and begin displaying dominance around the neighborhood? Then you need a power rack and some dumbbells!

A rack is THE staple for compound lifts and pull-ups. Dumbbells are a must-have because they are so versatile and you basically get a full workout arsenal.

A little pricier of a gift but this gift will last. I think all dads should have workout equipment at home. It takes the excuses out of fitness and also allows for the entire family to get involved.

My go tos:

This bad boy does it all: squats, bench press, pull-ups, triceps extensions, chest flies, etc. A power rack in the garage is a great way to create a culture of fitness for your family.

PowerBlock Dumbbells:

I love PowerBlock because one adjustable set replaces multiple sets of DBs and takes up much less space. I have a pair that adjusts from 10-90 lbs each. They have a SICK adjustable kettlebell as well. Use code "benbarker20" for $20 off a purchase of $200+.

Garage Gym Gainz Workout Plan

Pair almost any garage gym with my Garage Gym Gainz daily workout plan. You can get a free 7-day trial and 50% off right now with code "GARAGEGYM"

The aim of my workout plan is for dads to get strong and capable, look good, and be the fittest dad on the block. Get started today.

*discount may not work on PowerBlock right now, as they are going through a system change with affiliates.

Relaxation and Recovery

I am great at training hard. Rest and recovery... not so much. I think most dads fail in this practice. I have been trying to place more of an emphasis on recovery and mobility in between workouts.

Encourage the fit dad in your life to start placing more stock in recovery days. Improving mobility and maintaining flexibility is HUGE as we age. Take a day or two per week to become a supple leopard. There are all kinds of mobility tools now available such as lacrosse balls, foam rollers, massage guns, etc.

My go to:

The Chirp RPM. This recovery tool is like a massage gun and a foam roller had a baby. It is pretty compact and is epic for decreasing soreness and improving mobility. The RPM was on an even better sale but if it's not use code "BBARKER"

Sleep Hygiene

In recent years, the importance of sleep has become more and more apparent. Things like nose strips, mouth tape, mindfulness apps, noise machines, and blue light glasses have become mainstream. Aim to get those 7-8 hours of sleep each and every night.

Getting a consistent sleep and wake time, morning sunlight, and good blue light glasses seem to have made a big difference in my sleep habits.

My go to blue light glasses:

Ra Optics. Here is what I have learned: in order to block blue light glass's lenses must have pigment. They cannot be clear. Use code "benbarker"

Honorable Fit Dad Gift List Mentions:

Neighborhood Alpha T-Shirt (print on demand, so shipment by Father's Dad is prob a no go)

Beef Jerky (seriously)

I hope the fit dad Father's Day gift guide is helpful: Make Dads Fit Again

-Ben AKA The Neighborhood Alpha Dad

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