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The Perfect Workout Split + Podcast Ep. 4

If you prefer listening versus reading, check out today's article on my podcast Ben Barker Fitness on Spotify... You know Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones? Imagine their voices. That's not what my voice sounds like but anyways...

The Perfect Workout Split...

I think the ideal workout split was characterized by the PHAT workout plan. I can't remember the acronym but I remember the program and that's what is important. Ps important to know: Hypertrophy = muscles growing in size.

Also, important to note, the old-school body building split of training one muscle group per day and only training each muscle once per week is not ideal if you're not on steroids. For those of us who are all natural, we need to hit each muscle at least twice per week for optimal results.

Ideal Workout Split (PHAT Program):

Mon: Upper Body Strength

Tues: Lower Body Strength

Wed: Rest

Thurs: Back and Shoulders Hypertrophy

Fri: Legs Hypertrophy

Sat: Chest, Bis, Tris Hypertrophy

I love the PHAT program because it gives you the best of both worlds: working on both strength and hypertrophy/ symmetry. This program is great for those wanting to perform and look the part! The only reason I don't follow the template "to the t" is because working out on Saturdays is a "no go" for me right now with young kids.

The 4-Day Split:

Mon: Upper Body

Tues: Lower Body

Wed: Rest

Thurs: Upper Body

Fri: Lower Body

The 4-day split is a time tested classic because it works. This program is convenient and allows you to hit each muscle group twice per week. I like any program where you hit legs at least twice per week. Y'all training legs once per week is not enough. My daily workout subscription uses the 4-day split template because it works for most schedules and provides great results!

My Current Split:

Mon: Upper Body Strength

Tues: Lower Body Strength

Wed: Back and Shoulders Hypertrophy

Thurs: Chest, Bis, Tris Hypertrophy

Fri: Legs Hypertrophy

Sat: Something active with the family

This is basically a modified version of the PHAT program. This is not 100% ideal for 2 reasons. One, ideally there should be more time between Monday's upper body workout and Wednesday's back/ shoulder workout. Two, Back on Wednesday, immediately followed by biceps on Thursday. Honestly, this is still a great split and I lay it out this way because I don't want to take away from family time while my kids are at home at Saturdays. On Saturdays, we do something active as a family: walk, hike, kick the soccer ball around, ride bikes, etc. I love fitness but family comes first and I want to drink coffee early on Saturday mornings rather than going straight to the gym!

The Full Body 3-Day Split:

Mon: Full Body

Wed: Full Body

Fri: Full Body

(or Tues/ Thurs/ Sat)

This split is great for those looking to optimize time. This program is not ideal if you're looking to dramatically increase strength or size. But if you're just looking to train to live a longer life, maintain muscle mass, or supplement another activity, this split is awesome! Runner looking to hit some faster times and ward off injuries? The 3-day split would be a great way to supplement your running!

Which workout split do you currently use? If you need some direction in your workouts, check out a Free 7-Day trial to my workout subscription!



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