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7 Top Habits to Challenge Your Fitness and Crush Goals

Any time we start working out again we think, "This is the time I am going to stick to it." We last 10 days, quit, and then try to start again when January rolls around.

This is why I dislike "challenges." Don't do something you can't maintain long-term. Let me give you 7 daily habits that you can adopt as a lifestyle and change the game.

My free Back-to-School 4-week challenge starts Monday 8/14. It is an anti-challenge of sorts because the goal is to build sustainable lifestyle habits!

1: Morning Chug

Immediately upon waking, fill up your 32 oz water bottle and drink 8 ounces of water. Do this before coffee or any other beverage. Most people are chronically dehydrated. Get a head start on your water goal for the day. (more on that later)

This challenge (winning in general) is all about stacking small victories. Sure, drinking 8oz of water first thing in the morning may not seem like a big deal but it is about the discipline and the cumulative effect of consistently doing several small, healthy habits.

2: Podcast = 30 min educational

You can easily kill 2 birds with 1 stone by listening to a podcast while you workout. Listen to something with tactical advice relevant to your goals. Input = output.

Fitness: Ben Barker Fitness Podcast, Real Estate: BiggerPockets, Business: The Game, etc...

Ps Listening isn't enough, at some point you will have to take action on the advice.

3: Daily Movement 45 minutes

This is huge. We need daily movement. Mon-Fri should be pretty intense strength and conditioning workouts.

Saturday and Sunday aren't meant to be spent entirely on the couch. Aim for 45 minutes of walking, yoga, play, hiking, etc. Feel free to mix and match.

Pair my 4-week challenge with my daily workout subscription! A new 4-week workout phase starts on 8/14. Grab a free 7-day trial here!

4: Protein Intake

Aim for 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight each day. For example, I weigh 175 lbs, so I aim for 175 grams of protein each day. This is a challenge but totally doable.

Focus on eggs, lean meats, greek yogurt, whey protein, etc.

Protein is satiating and when you are focused on this macronutrient, you won't have as much time or the appetite to eat garbage.

5: Sunlight = 15 minutes minimum daily

Get out in the sun every single day. Vitamin D is huge for the immune system, mood, and for men, testosterone! Daily sunlight also helps with our sleep. Let's just be real here, we all look better with a bit of a tan.

Most of the best activities and family time happens outside anyway. Make play and time outdoors, away from screens a priority for your family.

If you need a few more tips to gain some momentum in your fitness journey, check out my blog post from last week on "9 Strategies to Increase Health and Fitness."

6: Veggies = 2 Serving minimum

Be an adult and eat leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables. This is like the protein goal. If we are filling up on vegetables and protein we are less likely to eat junk food.

Pro Tip: Roasting vegetables is a game changer. Broccoli, sweet potatoes, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, etc are all better when you toss them in olive oil, seasoned, and roast them in the oven.

One of my family's go-to easy meals is grilled chicken breast, roasted veggies, and brown rice. Boring? Yes. But it is nutritious, inexpensive, dependable, and gets the job done.

7: Hydration = 3 Liters total water intake

This ties back into our morning chug. Start the day strong by getting a head start on hydration. Drinking plenty of water is a game changer for health and longevity.

I aim for 1 gallon daily but 3 liters is a great place to start. Invest in a 32 oz water bottle and drink 3 of those daily.

Water toxicity is rare but can happen. We do need electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. I typically put a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt in my water each morning.

These are 7 healthy habits that you can start implementing today! None of this, "I'll start when things slow down" business.

I just laid it out for you. Take action today and start crushing your goals.

Ps This is meant to be done consistently for 4-weeks and then carried on for a lifetime. Sure, you will mess up but just brush yourself off and get back to it!


Get signed up for the challenge here and pair it with my daily workout plan for the best results! Both begin on Monday 8/14/23.

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