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5 Effective Exercises for Dads to Get Fit + Example Workout

As a busy parent, it is tough to find time to exercise. It is so easy to make the excuse that, "there are just not enough hours in the day."


One of my favorite quotes is something like, "Someone with less talent, fewer resources, and less free time is currently living your dream life."

You have to make time. And by "make time" I mean cut things out of your life that aren't making you a better husband, father, or human.

Get cutthroat. If scrolling TikTok or binging Netflix is keeping you from workout out... you gotta cut them.

Last year recorded a podcast episode with my brother-in-law, Kyler Harris. He is a gifted athlete with an even better work ethic.

He owns 2 gyms, is a firefighter, and he and his wife have a toddler and a newborn. The dude doesn't miss workouts. He could easily make excuses yet he still shows up for himself.

Kyler dropped two huge knowledge bombs on this episode. 5 exercises for busy dads looking to gain muscle and lose body fat. Plus, how to use an EMOM workout to effectively train when short on time.

His top 5 exercises:

1: Walking Lunges

Build the glutes, quads, and hamstrings with this exercise. The beauty is, if you're just starting you can do them with no added weight or even lunge next to a wall for assistance if needed.

If you're looking to push it, add some heavy dumbbells or load up a barbell.

2: Pull-Ups

Pull-Ups are a must for building a strong back and can even improve posture. This exercise is a staple.

Plus, you will build the biceps and grip strength. Both are essential for being the neighborhood alpha.

You can modify the pull-up by using a band or doing ring rows. You can also make them more challenging by adding a weighted belt!

3: Overhead Press: Bench Press is great but the real upper body test of pressing strength is the overhead press.

I love the classic standing shoulder press with a barbell or dumbbells because you really have to stabilize the midline (core) unlike with the bench press.

4: Running: Y'all know I am passionate about running sprints.

I had gotten out of the practice for a few months and recently started back up. Let me tell you, I was so SORE! Unlike jogging, sprinting can both build muscle and aid in fat loss.

Start small if you haven't ran full speed in a while. Take some time to gradually increase your pace and always warm up properly.

5: Squat Clean: Every other exercise on the list is fairly simple and beginner friendly. The squat clean, however, is a complex movement.

Get some coaching on the movement and start with the empty bar or PVC pipe.

Once you start training this exercise with some intensity, it is an epic movement to increase both strength and power in the legs. This would be a great movement to train prior to heavy squats or deadlifts.

If you need some direction in the gym, check out a free trial of my Gym Gainz Guide today.

Lastly, let's combine all of this in a workout format with Kyler's "EMOM" suggestion.

EMOM = Every Minute on the minute. Set a timer for 20 minutes and choose 5 exercises. Each minute represents one of the exercises. So, 4 rounds through the 4 exercises.

Ideally, you do about :45 seconds of work and then give yourself :15 sec to transition to the next exercise.

This workout format takes excuses away because it allows you to stay on task and get a killer workout in whatever amount of time you have available.

Example workout:

20 minute emom:

1: Walking Lunges

2: Pull-Ups

3: Overhead Press

4: Shuttle Run

5: 3 Squat Cleans

Use the first round to go super light and slow as a warm-up, in the following 3 rounds, push yourself!

For the first 4 exercises, you will work for 45 seconds and then use the last 15 seconds of the minute to move to the next exercise. On the squat cleans, you will just do 3 challenging reps and then rest for the remainder of the minute.

There you have it! 5 Exercises to increase your fitness and a workout format to save you time!

Now get to work!



For more on me check out my "About me" page here!

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