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4 Exercises to Spice Up Your Upper Body Workout

Consistency is key and we shouldn't be program hopping every week by trying random workouts. I think you will see the best results when you follow the same workout program using progression. I am a huge fan, specifically, of structuring strength. So, think: squats, bench press, deadlifts, etc. Follow a 4-8 week cycle and gradually increase the weight over the course of that time.

That being said, I do like to mix it up here and there by throwing in some different exercises for fun and variety. I think exercising purely for the joy of fitness helps to avoid burnout. I believe it also helps give our bodies a different stimulus, so we continue to grow!

1: Alt Arm Dumbbell Hang Snatch (YouTube Shorts Demo)

The alt arm DB snatch is a great conditioning tool for upper body workouts and just about does it all! This movement will improve cardio, train the delts, build the traps, and build core endurance! What's not to love!? Try 3 sets of 40-60 seconds!

2: Single Arm Overhead Triceps Extension (YouTube Shorts Demo)

The single arm version of this exercise is far superior to the double arm version you typically see in the gym. The version shown above trains the arm unilateral and has a more favorable path for the triceps than the double arm version. I like 3 sets of 15 reps per arm.

3: Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press (YouTube Shorts Demo)

For overall pressing strength, the standing barbell shoulder press is the best shoulder exercise. This seated DB shoulder press, however, is great for better isolating the shoulders by taking the legs out of the equation and not allowing you to lean back. Pro tip: don't arch the lower back on these. Keep the low back pressed against the bench. I like the classic 3 sets of 10 on this exercise!

4: Staggered Dumbbell Bent Row (YouTube Shorts Demo)

This is a bit of a hybrid exercise between a single arm row and the staggered stance row. Rows are an epic way to build back strength and size plus the added benefit that is done one arm at a time. This allows us to make sure there are no imbalances between the arms. Go HEAVY on these. I like 10-8-6 per arm, adding weight each set.

Who is going to give some of these exercises a try?!


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