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Who Decided That 30 is Old? Ben Barker Fitness Podcast Ep 3

I always get annoyed my I see people complain about "old age" in their 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. I am 31 and feel like I am just hitting my prime. I want to change people's perspective on age and help people become an absolute unit at any age!

I saw a 73-year-old lady deadlift 300+ lbs on instagram the other day. Right here in Little Rock, Arkansas. She didn't look feeble. She didn't look old. She looked like an absolute boss. She looked the way all 70-year-olds could look if they decided to do so!

ps... look what Joan McDonald has accomplished and so can you!

In life our bodies are going to hurt no matter what we do. We have the choice of hurting from being weak/ deconditioned or we can hurt from pushing ourselves in the gym and getting strong. I choose to be strong!

If we lift heavy and train plyometrics/ sprints and never stop, who is to say who long our prime can last? I don't think those who choose this lifestyle will struggle with falls and throwing our back out picking up our kids/ grandkids.

Lift heavy. Do jump training. Do single leg exercises. Run sprints. Eat lots of protein, veggies, healthy fats, and high fiber fruits. Hydrate. Work on mobility. Do these things forever as a lifestyle and you will be an absolute unit for your entire life!

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