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Use the Floor Press for Stronger Arms and Triceps That Don't Quit

Build a strong set of arms.

Here's why, Strong arms = a handshake that would make Popeye proud, owning tank top season, and the ability to open any pickle jar, any place, and any time.

Bench Press is the GOAT for building pressing strength but using a variety of exercises to train your arms from different angles, ranges of motion, and leverages is the way to go. The floor press is a great way to fix your range of motion, eliminate momentum, and overload the triceps.

Watch most guys bench... they just bounce the weight off their rib cages which is not optimum if you are looking to build strength, size, or have the rep count in competition. The floor press eliminates the bounce by adding the pause when your elbows hit the floor. By taking away the muscle's elastic response from the bounce, you recruit more muscle fibers and gain strength!

Lastly, by restricting the range of motion vs. a normal bench press we are able to emphasize the triceps = gainz.

Floor Press Set Up (ideally using a spotter)

  1. Grab a pair of DBs and sit on the floor with DBs next to legs

  2. Sitting upright, place one DB on each thigh up on the DBs end (vertical)

  3. Simultaneously and gently lift the thighs and slowly rock to back

  4. Elbows are on the ground, feet are planted

  5. Press the DBs to roof and slowly lower elbows back to ground

  6. pause then repeat

  7. To exit this position lower elbows to ground and the lower one DB at a time to ground free of any body parts. Watch it now!

Try 3-4 sets of 5-8 reps or lighter for 3-4 sets of 15 reps!

Check out my tutorial below as well as my daily workout subscription.

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