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Tuesday 3/7/2023 Bodyweight Blaster: Upper Body Workout

Some Tips to Crush Tuesday:

1: Crush this workout

2: Accomplish a task you have been putting off

3: Encourage someone else who is pursuing their fitness goals either online or in person. Read my article from last Friday on "Boosting Fitness Motivation with the Power of Words!"

Upper Body Warm-Up (Link)

*5-7 min of dynamic upper body stretches

4 sets:

10-12 Push-Ups + Twist

10-15 T-Raises

*modify decline push-up with regular or knee push-up if needed

*T-Raise demo'd in this video (#9)

4 Rounds for Time:

12 Stagger Stance Row (each)

12 Pike Push-Ups

12 Superman + Row

12 3-Pulse Triceps Dips

24 Runners

*4 rounds through the 5 exercises. Move with purpose but quality reps is the ultimate goal.

*use a heavy object from around the house for the stagger stance rows!

Optional Burn out:

Tabata Dead Bugs

8 sets 20 sec work/ 10 sec rest

I also dropped some dope new shirts in my shop!

Upper Body Cool-Down (Link)

*5-7 min of upper body stretches

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