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Push-Up Mistakes and Top 2 Modifications

Push-Ups are one of those exercises where a lot of us let our egos get the best of us. I am always more impressed with people when I see them do a technically sound, modified push-up versus knocking out a ton of "half reps."

The two most common mistakes I see with push-ups:

1: Short range of motion

2: Snaking the reps up

*check out an example of each in my quick YouTube Shorts Tutorial

I think the problem started when knee push-ups were labeled "girl push-ups." First off, I see a lot of women with better push-ups than men, so let's go ahead and get that out here.

For any exercise, take the time to learn the basics and do it correctly. Your technique and strength will thank you in the long run!

My 2 Favorite Push-Up Modifications:

1. The Incline Push-Up

The is my favorite push-up modification because it teaches you to keep your body rigid and to get the full range of motion! I also love that you can gradually lower the hands over time until you reach the floor! You can even do these on the kitchen counter and eventually process to the edge of the couch!

2. Knee Push-Up

The knee push-up aka modified push-up is a great starter to learning push-up mechanics. It is simple and accessible to almost anyone. I would prefer a client knock out 10 reps modified like this than knock out 100 reps with poor form. Overall, I prefer the incline push-up, since you can make them more challenging over time but the knee modification is still a great option!

Try these modifications and let me know what you think!


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