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Neil Patel & Alex Hormozi "Told Me" to Start a Podcast

Day 8 of writing a blog post every day for 30 days. So, I am about to make a post on TikTok and Neil Patel pops up on my for you page and drops a bomb on me. In short, he says that there are 1 BILLION blogs in the world and only 2 million podcasts. Basically, the podcast world is still the Wild West and a lot of "real estate" up for grabs.

Then I see a post by Alex Hormozi about how the audio book he recorded in his closet using pillows to soundproof sold over 1 millions dollars with in the first 12 months!

So, in true Ben Barker fashion, without any preparation I launched a podcast today: The Ben Barker Fitness Podcast. No professional equipment. I just decided to go for it. I have been talking to another friend and he and I have been planing to start a podcast but I hate to wait... so here we are. (more to come on the podcast with him!)

The moral of the story... Whatever you have been putting off... START TODAY. Don't be an "over planner." Be a doer.

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