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My Top 3 Books I Have Read Recently

Up until recently, reading was basically non-existent for me. I think I was stuck in a bit of a learning rut but I knew I was ready step up my life in all areas. So, I started small by listening to podcasts.

Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, Ed Mylett, and Alex Hormozi were amount my favorites. Multiple times within these podcasts reading was referenced. Cardone quoted something like, "the average person reads 12 books per years, while top CEOs read 60 books per year." Y'all I wasn't even hitting the average... I bet I read 2, maybe three books last year.

While listening to Ed Mylett, he mentioned his new book, The Power of One More. I loved the concept of always putting in one more rep, so I immediately ordered the book!

My Top 3 Books I've Read Recently:

1: The Power of One More- Ed Mylett

A lot of people quit when they are very close to success. The premise of this book is to take one more try. "You're a lot closer to changing your life than you think. You're one more meeting, one more relationship, one more decision, one more action, or one more thought from leading the life you deserve." -Mylett

Basically, you can't score if you're not even in the game!

2: Be Obsessed or Be Average- Grant Cardone

This book will motivate you to think big and chase your dreams. Grant is intense and that's what I need right now. When we say we "want something" and half-heartedly put in an attempt, we are going to get subpar results. What if we were obsessed with reaching our goals? "Your greatness is limited only by the investments you make in yourself." -Cardone

3: How to Win Friends and Influence People- Dale Carnegie

This is an absolute classic and I am about half way through but I love it. I have always seen my personality type as a weakness. This book has shown me that if properly used some of my personality traits can be a super power.

Biggest takeaways: don't criticize, condemn, or complain. Always show respect for other's opinions (even if it's wrong). Let other people do the talking and be a good listener. Learn people's names. Talk about their interests.

"We are interested in others when they are interested in us." -Carnegie

So far, I have read 9 books this year. That is huge for me. I got stuck in a rut where I wasn't learning anymore and I was stuck. I am going to keep learning and crush all of my goals along the way!

Who is with me?!


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