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Megan Knees and Juicy Dump Trucks

Y'all... I feel like this might be my greatest article title ever. I wish I could just retire after this and go out on top but alas, I still have 4-5 more days to write an article each day for 30 days in a row! Haven't missed yet!

Now for the title...

PS read to the end and I'll give you a simple exercise to accomplish both goals of the article title.

1: Megan Knees- there was a challenge on TikTok a while back to be able to squat down like Megan the Stallion. To do so requires great mobility and knee stability.

*this is the most family friendly photo I could find lol

2: Juicy Dump Trucks

In reference to building strong glutes! Most people reference this in regards to looking good but I am referring to all the benefits of having strong glutes: faster running, more stable hips/ knees, and proper pelvic alignment.

The Band X Walk

This is a simple, classic exercise that yields great results! I like to do 3 sets of 15 reps before starting my leg workouts.


Strengthen the glutes

Stabilize the hips and knees

Travel laterally (undertrained in most individuals)

Try 3 sets of 15 reps in each direction before your next leg workout!

Pro Tip: Don't let the feet come all the way together when you step. Think small, choppy steps and keep content tension of the band, so you don't lose your slack.

May you be blessed with Megan Knees,


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