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Friday 2/24/2023 Bodyweight Blaster: Upper Body Workout

Let's finish strong today and crush this workout.

Last day of this workout phase... which means, new workout phase starts Monday 2/27!!!

2 things to check out: my latest podcast episode, Ben Barker Fitness Podcast and my most recent blog post "Just Starting: Overcoming Paralysis by Analysis."

*5-7 min of dynamic upper body stretches

4 Sets:

12,12,12 YTW Raises

*for the Decline Push-Ups, modify by doing regular or from the knee push-ups!

*12 reps each position on the YTWs

4 Rounds for Time:

*4 rotations through the 4 exercises

Bonus (if you have time):

*march off 10 long paces

*walk back and forth with weight in left hand

*walk back and forth with weight in right hand

*repeat 3-5 times

*for weight you can use a dumbbell, backpack filled with books, gallon of water, container of detergent, etc

I also dropped some dope new shirts in my shop!

*5-7 min of upper body stretches

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