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Fri 10/13/23 Bodyweight Blaster: Upper Body Workout

We don't slow down on Fridays, we speed up. Separate yourself from the pack by working hard when others are planning what to binge on Netflix this weekend.

PS Last Upper Body Tester workout today! Time the 21-15-9 workout to beat in week 4.

*5-7 min of dynamic upper body stretches

Tester Workout


Hollow Rocks (double reps on this exercise 42-30-18)

*do 21 each exercise, 15 each, 9 each as quickly as possible with good form

*modify push-ups from knees if needed

*time and note how long it takes you to complete this workout

3 sets:

*for the bent lateral raises use small weights, soup cans, 2 bottles of water etc


10-15 min Cardio of Choice

*walk, run, bike, burpees etc

*5-7 min of upper body stretches

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