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Exercise Spotlight: The Lateral Shoot Through

At heart, I am a fan of the traditional exercises that we know provide the most value: heavy squats, pull-ups, sprints, etc but I also think it is important to branch out there and try exercise that get us moving in different directions and new planes of motion. AKA if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.

Disclaimer: any time I talk about "ab exercises" or "core exercises," I am referring to exercises that will literally just strengthen and stabilize the core. Any time I prescribe an ab workout it is to build a stronger core. Doing countless reps of ab work is a waste and will not magically produce a six pack. We build a strong core though training, abs are revealed by, sadly, diet.

The Lateral Shoot Through has entered the chat! This exercise is a great way to strengthen the core and shoulders as well as increasing muscular and cardio endurance. The fact that this exercise gets us moving in a different plane and new range of motion is probably my favorite thing about it. Crunches are great but the shoot through will challenge your abs and obliques.

Quick YouTube short demo of the Lateral Shoot Through Here

Try adding this exercise to a quick amrap or emom workout to step up your core training! You can go for reps, like 3x12-20 reps or for time, 3x 30-60 sec sets! Give these a try and let me know what you think!

The Lateral Shoot Through will be feature in Wednesday's Daily Gym Plan and the Home/ Travel Core and Cardio Workouts!



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