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Day 31: Do Extra

I am horribly unorganized. I am not focused. I sometimes try to do so many things at once that I get nothing done.

But if it requires hard work and doing extra... count me in.

I think sometimes we focus on what we are bad at rather than leaning into our strengths.

On September 9th I decided I wanted to organically get more traffic to my blog, so in that moment I decided I would write 1 fitness blog post per day for 30 days. Yesterday was day 30.

"Then why are you writing an article on day 31?"

Because doing extra is a super power.

I love that list of "10 Leadership Skills that Require Zero Talent"

Each of those 10 could be its own article. But the reason I am writing an article on day 31 is because of number nine: doing extra. I am not great at a lot of thing but I am good at doing extra.

Whatever you are pursuing right now... do extra. Rather than complaining about results we don't like... do extra. Doing extra in the gym will get you better results. Do extra for your spouse will lead to a better marriage. Doing extra at work will gain you favor and perhaps speed up your career path (at the very least it's just the right thing to do).

If you only do the minimum required you will always get average results. You can refuse average health, refuse an average marriage, refuse an average career, and refuse an average life by doing extra.

If you consistently do more than others are willing to do, you will win!

Now... tomorrow I might finally take a rest day from writing.


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