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Build Some Juicy Delts Sculpted by Zeus Himself

Has anyone else watched Thor: Love and Thunder yet? I had mixed feelings. When I say "sculpted by Zeus himself," I am referring to the Zeus depicted in Disney's animated classic, Hercules. Not Russel Crowe's Zeus from the latest Thor movie. Moving on....

The Bent Lateral Raise should be a stable in everyone's shoulder and back protocol for workouts.

This exercise can both improve posture and give our shoulders a more well-rounded look. The bent lateral raise trains the post delts, lateral delts, traps, and rhomboids. Aka it trains the back of the shoulders and upper back both of which play a role in shoulder stability, posture, and how we look in a tank top.

Key Points of Performance:

*don't bounce, keep these strict

*Flat, neutral back

*squeeze at the top

*control the descent

I like 3 sets of 12-15 reps. Start light on these and aim to increase weight over time. Form first here.

May Your Delts Forever be Shredded,


Ps this exercise will be featured in Friday's Daily Gym Workout

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