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Build Some Juicy Delts Sculpted by Zeus Himself

Has anyone else watched Thor: Love and Thunder yet? I had mixed feelings. When I say "sculpted by Zeus himself," I am referring to the Zeus depicted in Disney's animated classic, Hercules. Not Russel Crowe's Zeus from the latest Thor movie. Moving on....

The Bent Lateral Raise should be a stable in everyone's shoulder and back protocol for workouts.

This exercise can both improve posture and give our shoulders a more well-rounded look. The bent lateral raise trains the post delts, lateral delts, traps, and rhomboids. Aka it trains the back of the shoulders and upper back both of which play a role in shoulder stability, posture, and how we look in a tank top.

Key Points of Performance:

*don't bounce, keep these strict

*Flat, neutral back

*squeeze at the top

*control the descent

I like 3 sets of 12-15 reps. Start light on these and aim to increase weight over time. Form first here.

Check out my quick Youtube shorts Tutorial on the bent lateral raise here or a longer form YouTube Tutorial here!

May Your Delts Forever be Shredded,


Ps this exercise will be featured in Friday's Daily Gym Workout

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