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Build a Stronger Back and Better Posture with the Inverted Row

Posture. Posture. Posture. Walk around at Walmart and you'll notice most people need some help with their posture. Shoot, if each of us look in the mirror we could all improve.

A lot of this comes from typing on our computers and looking down at our phones all day. Did you just sit up a bit straighter after reading that?! So, step one is to be mindful of our posture at all times!

Step 2 and my preferred step: Strengthen our backs. Think: rows, pull-ups, face pulls, rear delt raises, etc. This is what sir mix a lot meant when he said, "baby got back!"

The inverted row is an epic exercise to train the back and improve posture, however, you don't see it done at the gym very much. I like to superset inverted rows with a push movement such as push-ups, floor press, or shoulder press.

For example:

3 sets:

10 Barbell Shoulder Press

*inverted rows are great in the smith machine or with a barbell in the rack. If done on a normal rack make sure your back is to the rack with the posts supporting the barbell and your weight.

Check out a video demo of inverted rows here, the photo option below, and try a free 7 days trial of my workout subscription!



Start Position: End Position:

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