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Wednesday 3/8/2023 Daily Gym: Core and Cardio Workout

Workout Wednesday Wisdom:

Stack days!!! One workout may not seem like much but do 1 workout each day for several years and you will become an absolute unit. One day at a time and keep showing up.

Compounding interest will pay off.

Lower Body Warm-Up (Link)

5-7 minute of Dynamic Stretches


12 Minute Bike, Row, or Run (outdoor or treadmill)

Alternate between :45 sec slow/ :15 sec FAST

*if you feel like pushing it feel free to go for 12-16 minutes

*the FAST :15 sec portion should be full speed


5 sets:

20 Lateral Shoot Throughs

40 Russian Twists

20 yd Single Arm Farmers Carry (each)

*for the farmer's carry march off 10 long paces. Down and back = 20 yds

Spend some extra time stretching post workout!

Upper Body Cool-Down (link)

*5-7 minute of cool-down stretches

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