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Tuesday 2/14/2023 Daily Gym: Upper Body Workout

Goals for today: Hydrate, crush your workout, complete something you have been putting off, and encourage someone along the way!

Upper Body Warm-Up (link)

*5-7 minutes of dynamic upper body stretches

2 set of 10 warm-up Bench Press

*1st set empty bar, 2nd set light

Bench Press 4x8

*do 4 sets of 8 reps.

*add weight each set

*try to use the same amount of weight as last week

*last set of 8 should be a struggle

3 sets:

8 DB Incline Flies + 15 DB Incline Bench Press

15 DB Incline Chest Supported Rows

*do db flies and incline presses with the same weight, do the 8 flies directly into 12 presses

*do these exercises as a superset

*increase weight from last week

16 minute AMRAP:

8 Chin-Ups or 12 Inverted Rows

10 Decline Push-Ups

12 DB Clean and Press

14 Weighted Sit-Ups

*AMRAP = as many reps as possible

*Set timer for 16 minutes and rotate through the 4 exercises as many times as you can with proper form

4 sets:

12 Single Arm Reverse Grip Triceps Push-Downs (each)

12 DB Upright Rows

16 Alt Arm DB Curls

*done as a superset, 1 set of each, 4 rotations

Upper Body Cool-Down (link)

*5-7 minutes of upper body stretches

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