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Should You do a Cool-Down Post Workout?

In short... yes. Do I practice what I preach here... typically, no!

It's a work in progress, what can I say. I give myself about 60-75 minutes in the gym and don't want to spend my precious time stretching when I could be making gainz. I just crush my last set, go to the car, and head home.

However, doing a cool down post workout can actually help you recover faster and improve flexibility that we lose as we age. So, I am striving to get in a quick cool-down each day post workout!

Again, like the warm-up, don't waste 20-30 minutes stretching. I'm spending 5 minutes here, 7 tops.

Walking, biking, or rowing slowly to get the heart rate down is a great place to start. Follow that up by doing 2-3 stretches for the muscles you just worked!

Check out my cool-downs below that will accompany my workout program launching on Monday 4/4!

Happy Saturday!

Warm Regards,


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