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This is an epic 4-week strength and conditioning program for anyone looking to gain lean muscle mass, lose body fat, and increase functional strength! 5 workouts per week and each week we will increase intensity by increasing weights, sets, and/ or reps. 


This is a hybrid program. Each day will begin with strength work. Then have a hybrid section where we aim to elevate the heart rate with weights and core exercises. Each workout will end with assitance exercises like triceps extentions or leg curls. 


Check out a sample day below!


*no refunds on this products as it is intellectual property


Weekly Schedule:

Monday: Legs

Tuesday: Upper Body

Wednesday: Core and Cardio

Thursday: Legs

Friday: Upper Body


Sample Workout:


Tempo Pause Squats 3x5

*3 second descent, then pause at the bottom

*add weight each set

*build to a challenging set of 5


4 sets:

10 DB RDLs

12 Leg Press

*done as a superset

*add weight after each set


Tester Workout

12 Minute AMRAP:

12 Alt Arm DB Hang Snatch

16 Reverse Deficit Lunges (weight in goblet position)

12 Runners

*AMRAP = as many reps as possible

*so for 12 minutes, rotate through the 3 exercises as many times

as you can with proper form

*record how many rounds you get as we will retest this in week 4

*on the DB snatch and lunges it is total reps per set listed, left = 1 rep, right = 2, etc

*on the DB snatch focus on using hips and legs to drive the weight up


Single Leg Extensions 3x12 per leg

*alternate between legs until you've done 3 sets of 12 on each

*no rest between


Single Seated Leg Curls 3x12 per leg

*alternate between legs until you've done 3 sets of 12 on each

*no rest between


Seated Calf Raises 3x8-12

*pause at the top, down slow, pause at the bottom

Leaner and Stronger in 4 Weeks

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