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Z Curls for Stronger Arms and Improved Grip Strength

A curl is a curl, right? The days of banging out endless amounts of dumbbell curls in front of the mirror and skipping leg day are over.

It's time to switch it up a bit. When we do train arms we want to be as efficient as possible! Enter the Z Curl.

Two things I love about the Z Curl:

  1. It is meant to be performed using a slow eccentric ie lowering the weight slowly. A lot of time you see people just knocking out reps with no real purpose. When you control the descent of each rep you give the muscle a greater stimulus and can work on muscle/ mind connection.

  2. The grip switches mid rep to allow us to shift focus on muscle groups. On the way up (concentric phase) we are working the glory muscles, the biceps brachii. Whereas, on the way down (eccentric phase) we are able to focus on the forearm muscles, the brachialis and brachioradialis! This is a great way to improve grip strength!

Grab a pair of dumbbells a bit lighter than you would typically use for curls and lets get to work! Check out my tutorial below:

Check out my new daily workout program if you're looking for a little guidance in the gym!

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