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You Get Out What You Put In (2022)

One of my favorite saying is, "Don't be upset by the results you didn't get from the work you didn't do."

It's funny, I have caught myself being self-righteous about fitness and seeing people not putting enough work to get the results they say they want. Aka I am a hypocrite. While I have been guilty about not putting in the work to achieve financially and professionally like I have said I wanted. I have said that I want to be financially free and to be one of the biggest player's in the fitness industry but I haven't put in the work to prove that.

We all fall short in certain areas! We say we want a great marriage but where is the work? We say we want a six pack... the six pack of beer says otherwise. I say I want financial freedom, yet I am not doing the things needed to reach that goal.

I heard Alex Hormozi recently say something like, "if you do more reps than everyone else in a given space for a longer period of time, you will win."

We have to put in the reps! A workout metaphor but it applies to everything: more kind works and actions towards your spouse, more healthy meals, more reps in the gym, more debt paid off, etc.

If I constantly put junk food in my body, I won't get very fit.

If I don't pursue my wife daily, our relationship won't be great.

If I don't make moves to generate more revenue, I won't achieve financially.

This blog post is written by me for me. I decided this year I would go for it and I plan to be all in and take massive action!

Who is with me? Shoot me a message if you're ready to level up and chase your goals! Whether it's fitness, relational, financial, etc I would love to hear about and encourage you!

Let's go!


PS I am writing an article each day for 30 days! Check out some of my previous posts on my blog!

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