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Wednesday 2/15/2023 Daily Gym: Core and Cardio Workout

A little Workout Wednesday Motivation:

“The gym is not the social club for the fit. It’s a training ground for everyone.”

Get in the gym and own it! You belong there. Don't be scared to try different movements and use any and all equipment. Here's to getting super fit in 2023!

*5-7 minutes of lower body dynamic stretches


12 Minute EMOM

1: Single Leg Toe Touches (switch legs 1/2 though set)

2: Superman Raises

*EMOM = every minute on the minute

*set a timer for 12 minutes. 4 exercises, so you will rotate through them 3 times.

*do 60 sec of 1 exercise immediately switching to the next with no rest.


15-20 minute Interval: Choose to Bike, Run, Row, or a combo.

Alternate 40 seconds moderate pace, followed by 20 seconds as fast as you can do

*5-7 minutes of lower body stretches

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