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Walk it Out: Long Walks are Underrated

I think Unk said it best,

"West side walk it out.

South side walk it out.

East side walk it out.

North side walk it out."

I used to think walking was so lame and just for people who couldn't push themselves in the gym. Like many of my other opinions, I was wayyyy wrong. Sunday family walks are now one of my favorite parts of the week!

Check out this flawless technique:

I push my body all week in the gym and then I used to just be super inactive over the weekend. This would leave me tight for Monday workouts. I have found that walking is great for active recovery and leaves me feeling ready to attack Monday's workout!

Benefits of Walking:

1: Healthy Weight Management

Walking is the most accessible and welcoming exercise in existence. It makes getting active attainable to almost anyone. You will burn some calories and I think it is a great way to start a snow ball effect to a healthy lifestyle. My dad lost over 130 lbs and just started his journey by walking! Get some momentum!

2: Ease Joint Pain

Walking is low impact and improves bone density. This exercise is particularly effective for the knees and hips by lubricating them and strengthening the muscles that surround them.

3: Getting Outdoors is Great for Physical and Mental Health

Being outdoors is like a performance enhancing drug. Most people are low in vitamin D. Getting outside for some sunlight is a quick way to boost vitamin D. Vitamin D can improve your mood, prevent cancer, lower blood pressure, strengthen immune system, etc!

4: Reduces Screen Time + Increases Family Time

My family, mainly pointing a finger at myself, is bad about too much screen time on the weekends. We can all be together... ignoring each other. The kids want to watch cartoons, while we play on our phones. Getting out for a family walk together accomplishes so much for us: some low intensity exercise, time outdoors, no screens, fun conversations, and the list goes on. It's some of the highest quality time we get together!

The list of benefits for walking goes on and one but to keep this short, I just gave you my top 4. Number 4 is definitely my favorite benefit!

Get out and get active today! Most importantly take a loved one with you!


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