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Thursday 2/23/2023 Bodyweight Blaster: Leg Workout

Working out is like a gateway drug that will lead to success in every other area of your life.

Show up and crush this workout today!

Lower Body Warm-Up (link)

*5-7 minutes of lower body dynamic stretches

4 Sets:

18 Pistol Squats

10 Single Leg Hip Bridges (each)

15 minute EMOM

1: Alternating Slider Hamstring Curls

2: Split Jump

3: V-Ups

4: Reverse Plank Hold

5: Staggered Squats (switch legs 1/2 through set)

*EMOM = every minute on the minute

*do each exercise for 60 sec

*immediately switch to the next exercise with no rest

*3 rotations through the 5 exercises

*it would be helpful to download a workout timer to your phone

Lower Body Cool-Down (link)

*5-7 min lower body stretches

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