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Thursday 2/2/2023 Daily Gym: Leg Workout

How can you improve today?! Here are a few easy ways to get better today: add 5-10 lbs to an exercise, if the last set calls for 10 do 15, drink more water, eat more protein, don't drink sugary drinks, etc! So many simple ways we can improve each and every day!

*5-7 minutes of lower body dynamic stretches

3 Sets:

15 Leg Press or 15 Goblet Squats (if you have access to a leg press use that)

*Go straight from the leg press immediately into lunges

*adding an extra set this week!

3 Sets:

8 B Stance DB RDLs (each leg)

15 minute EMOM

1: Bulgarian Split Squats (switch legs 1/2 through set)

2: Box Jumps (20-24 inches, jump up, step down)

*EMOM = every minute on the minute

*do each exercise for 60 sec

*immediately switch to the next exercise with no rest

*3 rotations through the 5 exercises

*it would be helpful to download a workout timer to your phone

Post Workout:

:60-90 sec Superman Hold

*5-7 min lower body stretches

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