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Thursday 2/16/2023 Daily Gym: Leg Workout

Happy Leg Day, everyone! Don't be scared to add some weight to the staggered stance squats today. Focus on driving through the forward leg during this exercise.

Let's get better today!

Lower Body Warm-Up (link)

*5-7 minutes of lower body dynamic stretches

4 Sets:

15 Leg Press or 15 Goblet Squats (if you have access to a leg press use that)

16 DB Walking Lunges

*Go straight from the leg press immediately into lunges

*extra set here today

4 Sets:

8 B Stance DB RDLs (each leg)

12 DB Hamstring Curls

*done as a superset

*extra set here today

15 minute EMOM

1: Weighted Staggered Squats (switch legs 1/2 through set)

2: Box Jumps (20-24 inches, jump up, step down)

3: Bicycle Crunches

4: Single Arm Sumo Deadlift High Pull (switch arms 1/2 through set)

5: Single Arm KB Swing (switch arms 1/2 through set)

*EMOM = every minute on the minute

*do each exercise for 60 sec

*immediately switch to the next exercise with no rest

*3 rotations through the 5 exercises

*it would be helpful to download a workout timer to your phone

Single Leg Lying Hamstring Curls 3x12 per leg

*alt legs back and forth with no rest between

Lower Body Cool-Down (link)

*5-7 min lower body stretches

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