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The Fourth Quarter of 2022

While playing high school football, when the third quarter ended, myself or one of the other team captains would hold up "4s" on both hands. We would then yell at our team, "what quarter is it" They would yell back, "4th!" Then we would say, "Who's gonna win!?" The team would replay, "WE ARE!!!" We would get so amped up and inspired.

Then we would go on to lose the game horribly, shame our town, and dishonor our families. So, moral of the story... be better than my high school football team and let's finish the 4th quarter of 2022 strong!

We all started 2022, and every other year, with good intentions. We write down some resolutions and maybe have a word for the year. Typically, a few months into the year, we fizzle out.

We are about to hit the toughest stretch of the year for fitness. Motivation will be low. Candy, baked goods, and parties will be plentiful. It gets darker sooner and it gets cold outside.

Why not be different in 2022? Either finish a goal you set back in January or set a new, realistic goal that you can accomplish and give yourself some momentum heading into 2023!

If you can power through the holiday months, there's no telling what you could accomplish in 2023!

Examples of goals you could set for the rest of the year:

4 workouts per week

3 liters of water per day

Daily walk

Increased protein intake

Losing 1 lb per week

Reading 10 pages per day


Set a small goal that you can attain and then go get it! Don't let the last of this year slip by without making yourself proud! And don't finish the year like my highschool football team would.

What goal are you going to accomplish?!


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