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The Barbell Reverse Lunge Should Be a Leg Workout Staple

You walk into your gym and see someone doing half reps with 1,000 lbs on the leg press... Then they'll grab some 30 lb dumbbells for some half-hearted lunges.

Hear me out here, no hate on the leg press. I do leg press once per week as a supplement to squats and deadlifts, for quad hypertrophy, and for the sake of variety. Leg press becomes such an ego exercise because it's easy to slap on a bunch of weight, use half the range of motion (ROM), and puff up one's self esteem.

I prefer exercises that expose weaknesses and leave no place to hide. The Barbell Reverse Lunge accomplishes both of those goals by using each leg individually and having a specific ROM. This exercise will take your leg workouts to the next level!


1: Trains legs unilaterally, which can shore up imbalances and fix asymmetries.

2: Strengthens quads, glutes, hamstrings, and core.

3: Increases stability and balance.

4: Fixed ROM.


1: Keep the chest tall and torso vertical throughout.

2: Touch the back knee to ground each rep. This makes you hit the same ROM each rep and will keep you honest on weight.

3: Don't let the front knee buckle inside.

4: Start light but overtime train these HEAVY!

5: Control your descent and don't "bounce" knee off the ground.

6: To stand, drive through the entire front foot

7: Alternate left, right, left, right

Rep Scheme:

3-4 sets of 12-16 reps total


I like to do these after my main lift. So, after your heavy squats and deadlifts.

Something like...

4 sets:

12 Barbell Reverse Lunges

12 Good Mornings

Leg day is the best day,


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