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Split Side Plank: My Go to Core Exercise if I Could Only Choose One Dedicated Ab Move

I'll say it louder for the people in the back... Abs are not made in the kitchen. I'll say it louder from the roof top and mountain top now... Abs are not made in the kitchen!

We were all born with abdominal muscles just like we were born with biceps, quadriceps, calves... well I wasn't born with calves haha.

Now is direct ab work how we get visible abs? Well, no... and yes.

Abs need training to be visible just like any other muscle.

Training the core should not be about visible abs nor the focus of our training. The bulk of our core work should come from deadlifts, squats, overhead press, and sprints. However, I believe each workout should have a few minutes of dedicated core work at the end of the workout. Training the core as accessory work is a great way to get stronger!

A few things before our move of the day:

  1. Abs are built by training

  2. The kitchen is where we can eat in a caloric deficit to remove the layer of fat that is making the abs not visible

  3. Train core not with the intention of visible abs but with the intention of getting stronger

  4. A strong core is more important than visible abs

Try the Split Side Plank at the end of your next workout!

30-90 seconds per side

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