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Single Leg Curls for Big Hammy Gainz

Add this exercise to your workout arsenal to shore up any muscular imbalances between the legs and to strengthen the hamstrings drastically!

A lot of the times our quads get more work in general than the hamstrings. Squats, lunges, leg press, and step-ups are all epic leg exercises but they are definitely quad dominant.

RDLs and Good Mornings should be staples in your hamstring training but don’t forget that a main function of the hammies is to flex aka bend the knee. So, if you‘re not adding in exercises like sprints, glute ham raises, and leg curls into your workouts you’re leaving gainz on the table and leaving the door open for injury.

I like the hamstring curl because it’s accessible and easy to learn, unlike sprinting and glute ham raises which are highly technique dependent.

I also prefer leg curls to be done single leg. Most people do them 2 feet at a time but that means you’ll end up favoring your dominant leg. Doing them single leg will help shore up any muscular imbalances you may have between legs!

Try 3 sets of 10-15 reps on each leg controlling each rep’s descent slowly. I train legs twice per week and I add some type of leg curl variation into both workouts.

Check out my quick video below for technique as well as my daily workout subscription!

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