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Quick Cardio Exercise for When You are Short on Time/ Space

We all like to make excuses when we "don't have time to exercise" or we "weren't able to make it to the gym today."

Bologna. You had time to watch Netflix and check all of your social media accounts. Make time and find a way.

A ten minute walk is more effective than doing nothing.

Two things we will quickly discuss today:

  1. a quick exercise format to squeeze in a workout no matter where you are

  2. a simple exercise to get in some cardio whenever/ wherever

1: The EMOM

EMOM stands for every minute on the minute. Let's say you have 15 minutes to spare at home or in your hotel room. No equipment? No Problem.

Choose 5 exercises. Then you set a timer for 15 minutes, do each exercise for 60 seconds, and do 3 rotations through the 5 exercises. Boom! You've gotten in a quick workout, gotten the endorphins kicking, and burned a few calories! Example workout below!

2: Lateral Line Hops

I like any exercise that gets us moving laterally because that is not something we typically do as adults. This exercise elevates the heart rate as well as training the calves. Lord knows I need all the calve training I can get ha! (example video below the workout.)

Check out my daily workout program for gym and home/travel workout options!


15 Minute EMOM:

1: Push-Ups

2: Lunges

3: Sit-Ups

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