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Monday 2/27/2023 Daily Gym: Leg Workout

New cycle starts today! We will have new strength moves that we will add weight to each week. When in doubt start light and hit it with perfect form.

For the "Tester Workout" today, time how long it takes you to complete, as we will retest in week 4. Tester workouts are an epic way to track progress and ensure that we are moving forward!

Lower Body Warm-Up (link)

*5-7 minutes of lower body dynamic stretches


6 Back Squats

*EMOM = every minute on the minute

*Do 2-3 warm-up sets prior to being on the timer

*start timer, do 6 back squats and then rest the remainder of the min

*as soon as the next minute begins hit your next set

*use the same weight for all 5 sets, something challenging but good form can be maintained


8 Romanian Deadlifts

*same instructions as above

Tester Workout

5 Rounds for Time:

10 Double KB Front Rack Walking Lunge

12 Double KB Russian Swing

14 Sit-Ups

*do 5 rounds of the 3 exercises as quickly as you can with good form

*if double KB is too tough sub Goblet lunges and regular KB Swings

*time this and record your time in the notes on your phone

3 Sets:

15 MB Hamstring Curls

:30 sec Split Side Plank (each side)

Lower Body Cool-Down (link)

*5-7 min lower body stretches

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