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Monday 1/23/2023 Bodyweight Blaster: Leg Workout

RETEST week! This is week 4 of our cycle.

So that means two things:

1: if you were here in week 1, crush the retest aka beat your score from week 1!

*if you're new, no worries: just get in your workout!

2: New workout cycle starts Monday 1/30/23!!!

PS y'all, check out my t-shirt shop on here!

*5-7 min lower body dynamic stretches

Tester Workout RETEST

14 minute AMRAP:

*amrap = as many reps as possible

*so for 14 minutes rotate through the 3 exercises as many times as you can with proper form

*beat however many reps/ rounds you got in week 1

*for the deficit lunge you can use a book, 2x4, step, etc... to elevate the front foot

3 sets:

15 Single Leg Hip Bridge (each Leg)

:60 sec of Russian Twists

*5-7 min lower body stretches

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