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Lifestyle Changes Dominate "Challenges"

We live in the day and age of "7 Day Detoxes" and "30 Day Shreds." Short, not maintainable challenges that will supposedly "kick start" our health.

First, detoxes and juice cleanses, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, are a joke. Just drink more water and eat more vegetables. Your body knows what to do.

Second, 30 day shreds, short challenges, the whole 30, and even the 75 hard are great. But are they maintainable long term? This one I struggle with because I have seen *some* people see success with these methods. However, before you start any type of challenge think to yourself, "can I do this long term?" If the answer is no, I say find a different path.

Here's why: We all have great intentions but what happens when the challenge is over? I see people on social media talking about the giant cheat meal they are going to have once their challenge is over. Why not just get active, control our calories, and enjoy the calorie dense foods we like sparingly but on a semi regular basis? AKA Balance and moderation.

Here's my deal: Most people get discouraged because they fall off the wagon on a tough challenge or they binge eat once it is finally over.

You will see better results long term if you just find a style of fitness you enjoy and can do regularly. Pair an active lifestyle with a diet plan you can do forever. Boom. You've made it.

Rather than doing random challenges and yo-yo dieting until we die, find what works for you that you can maintain and get results slowly that you will keep. Instead of big results that you will lose and then regain and then lose.

Go for long term.


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