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Kettlebell Swings: Underrated and Misunderstood

The Kettlebell swing (KBS) is an underrated exercise as it is incredibly effective at building the posterior chain (Glutes, low back, and hamstrings), improving cardio endurance, and building power... all at the same time. Shoot, the KBS even strengthens the core.

Obviously, you see people in the gym doing KBS... but have seen anyone do them correctly? The biggest mistake is treating this exercise like a squat. There should be a subtle bend in the knee but this movement is primarily driven from the hips! Hinge baby! Break at the hips, explode back to the top. The Bend and Snap!!!

Other common faults:

*Doing the KBS lackadaisically: There should be violent hip extension with each rep, squeezing the glutes at the tops of each rep.

*Not fully extending the knees at the top: Again this is primarily driven from the hips but both the knees and hips should be fully extended at the top of each rep!

*Going too light: obviously learn the proper technique but once you do... go heavy. Men aim to get to 70+ lbs for sets of 15+. Women aim for 50+ lbs for 15+ reps.

I like knocking out 50 consecutive reps as a "cash out" at the end of leg day. Begin with sets of 10 and build your way up!

Check out my short Kettlebell Swing Video!

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