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Keep Showing Up (for Your Goals, to the Gym...)

My junior year in high school we were horrible at football. We lost 10 games... we played in a total of 10 games.

So, after my junior year, I decided that I would not miss a single workout that summer even though we were allowed 7-10 days off. I even skipped some trips to make sure I was there every single time the weight room was open at school for team workouts.

My senior year we only won 2 games... So, was all of my dedication wasted? Nope. I built a habit that summer that I have never broken. To this day I do not miss workouts. I have 10+ years of compounding interest in the weight room, so much so that I don't even consider going or not going... it's just part of my day.

Being on a championship team would have been cool then but it would mean nothing now. Building habits that will serve you your entire life is priceless and will pay off over and over and over again. And it's never too late to start building and showing up for yourself.

This applies to everything. Keep showing up to your marriage and put in work. Keep showing up to your job and make yourself more valuable than everyone else. Keep showing up to the gym and laying bricks to build a foundation that will pay off for years to come.

When you're just starting it is hard to see where and when it will pay off. But in order to get the pay off, you have to START. Once you start, just keep showing up. One day at a time.


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