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Just Start 2.0: Fitness or Really Any Goal [2022]

One of my first blog posts when I launched my website earlier in 2022 was titled "Just Start."

I had been researching for about 4 weeks and trying to do everything right... but then I realized I had done nothing to move forward. So, I decided to just go for it.

Why not launch an imperfect blog and workout platform and learn as I go?

Forward progress is progress, no matter how slow. And more importantly, slow forward progress is faster than taking forever to formulate a perfect plan that isn't acted upon.

This literally applies to everything in life!

Take fitness this January. Just start. But what program? What gym? There a millions awesome programs out there. Do a tiny bit of research but ultimately just start and get consistent!

Want to start getting your finances in order. Just start! Start a side hustle, make some extra sales calls, quit going to Starbucks (it's gross anyways lol), etc...

Want a better relationship with your significant other? Start going above and beyond and put them first today. You don't need some massive gesture. Do the little things right daily.

On my podcast episode, Just Start: Fitness, Finances, Family, I discussed how we get in the habit of "I'll start Monday." That is the quickest way to fail and just an excuse to procrastinate.

Whatever day you are reading this... just start working towards your goal. If it is fitness related, download myfitnesspal and calculate how many calories you should eat to reach your goal, do some push-ups, go for a walk, etc. Better to just start and then perfect the plan as you go!

Here is my challenge for you: Do something right now to get you closer to your goal. Don't wait until a Monday or January 1.

Whatever you're going for... Just start!


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Ryan Storey
Ryan Storey
Dec 11, 2022

Maybe my shorts are too long. Maybe they’re holding me back

Dec 11, 2022
Replying to

Gotta get these 4” seams bro

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