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It Will be More Challenging Than You Think

What a bummer of an article title right!?

A better title would have been, "If you believe it, you can achieve it."

But that's just not true.

I was just updating my "About Me" section of my website and detailing my story over the last year and was reminded what a wild ride this has been.

When I decided to quit my job about a year ago, I got nothing but support from my wife. This could be a whole other article but here's some great advice: find your "Kimi." Life is tough but it's much easier when you have an awesome spouse!

Anyways, I quit my job with big dreams. I thought I would be on "Oprah" or "Ellen" the next year talking about my massive success. I hate to let you down but I am not a massive success in financial terms... yet!

However, I have built a life where I am off evenings and weekends and have been able to have so many fun adventures with my family this past year. I wouldn't have been able to do a lot of these things with a normal job, especially in the fitness industry.

The problem with social media is that we just show the fun stuff. I am guilty of that too. I am writing this article to hopefully help and inspire those who are about to make a bold, life-changing move.

It has been much harder than I expected to build a full time career online. I naively thought it would be like Field of Dreams and I would just build it and all the people would come. Not so much.

On top of that, random, unexpected financial hits have popped up since not having a steady income. I'm not sure why but every single nail on road has some how found their way into me and Kimi's tires.

Then Kimi and I unexpectedly get pregnant. Who is writing this story? Huge blessing obviously, but it didn't feel like ideal timing at the moment when I don't have my income stable yet.

Here's the silver lining. The education I have gotten over the last year has been PRICELESS! My problem solving ability has gone through the roof and I feel like I have gotten another 4-Year college degree in the last 12 months of trying to launch an online business!

Most importantly, the extra time I have gotten with my family has been the biggest possible blessing and everything I had hoped it would be.

If you set out after a big goal, it is going to be tougher than you think but I believe it will be worth it. They don't write stories about people who set average goals and accomplish them.

Be bold.

I hope this encourages someone.

Check out my updated "About Me" page for more on my story and thanks for following along!

See you at the top!


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Ryan Storey
Ryan Storey

You and Kimi are BEASTS😮‍💨💛🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


Thanks bro! Can’t wait to see everything that you accomplish this year!

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